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Riding Pals

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Instantly find people riding the same location as you

Browse the dates & locations for when people are riding near you

Invite friends to groups!

If you do have any immediate feedback, please contact us through the app built in contact usage feature or through the contact form at the bottom of this webpage.

Build for riders, by riders

We are completely rider focussed and ride bikes a lot ourselves! If there are any features you would like to see in the app, let us know! We are constantly adding new features to make the app more useful.

Contact us through the app built in contact feature, through the contact form at the bottom of this webpage, on instagram @ridingpals or via email.

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Help us reach our mission! We want Riding Pals to be accessible Worldwide, so wherever you travel, you can find someone at the local trails! To hit our goal we need your help - share with freinds, send group invites to friends and support us on instagram @ridingpals

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Amongst other useful features mentioned on this webpage, the app acts as a great way to make new friends who are interested in mountain biking, try it out! Links can be found on this website or simply type "RidingPals" into the App Store or Google Play Store search bar.

This app is completely free.

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